Office Yoga

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During these trying times, workplace wellness is now more important than ever.

Keep the remote employees on your team engaged, healthy, and focused!  In addition to local Bay Area Office Yoga programs, we also teach remote workplace wellness programs to companies around the globe.

Whether you're a tech startup, non-profit, or larger organization, we've got you covered.  Our expert yoga teachers broadcast weekly classes on Zoom that can be accessed online by anyone in your company worldwide.

Haven't touched your toes in years?  Not a problem.  Beginners are welcomed and encouraged!  Our teachers deliver accessible classes that are suitable for all levels.  All our teachers are fully certified with a minimum 200 hour yoga teacher training certification, carry liability insurance, and are trained in CPR.

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Virtual Office Yoga Package (12 weeks)

Our flagship 12 week Virtual Office Yoga Program will have your employees feeling healthy, relaxed, and recharged.  We recommend practicing yoga twice a week, but even once a week will deliver tangible results.  We work with your time schedule to customize a program that delivers the right length and number of yoga classes for your organization each week.  Below are some class themes we have incorporated into past programs:

Yoga & Meditation for Focus - (30, 45, or 60 minutes) - first energize and relax the body through conscious movement.  Then clear your head space and learn the art of training your mind to focus your attention exactly where you wish.

Desk & Office Chair Yoga - (30, 45, or 60 minutes) - a class for anyone who wants to relieve tightness in the back, neck, and shoulders.  Practice right from your desk while sitting in your office chair!

Lunch Break Yoga Recharge - (30, 45, or 60 minutes) - relax your nervous system and then recharge your energy levels with this invigorating class, while still giving yourself enough time to eat a healthy lunch before returning to work.

Yoga for Back & Neck Pain Relief - (30, 45, or 60 minutes) - learn tried and true techniques for alleviating common back and neck pain problems from sitting and working at a desk for long periods of time.


Bay Area Office Yoga -  AppDynamics employees practicing child's pose to relieve stress at their San Francisco office.
Bay Area Office Yoga -  AppDynamics employees practicing child's pose to relieve stress at their San Francisco office.

Benefits for Businesses

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Increased employee retention
  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Lower health care premiums
  • Attract the best talent
  • Community and team building

Benefits for Employees

  • Strong, flexible, healthy bodies
  • Enhanced focus and memory
  • Increased energy levels
  • Stress reduction
  • Greater creativity and flow
  • Decreased pain in back, neck & hips

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