What questions should I consider before starting private yoga classes?

Before contacting a private yoga teacher, pause and ask yourself:

1) What areas of my life do I need to improve in?

2) What results do I want to gain from a yoga practice?

3) Am I committed to achieving these results?


What do I look for in a private yoga instructor?

When searching for a yoga teacher, make sure that their guidance emphasizes correct postural alignment, and breath awareness. These are the most fundamental components of a solid yoga practice.

Keep an eye out for the designation "RYT" (Registered Yoga Teacher).  Yoga Alliance certifies yoga instructors internationally to ensure they have received sufficient training to be competent teachers.

It's also not a bad idea to ask your instructor if they are currently CPR certified.

Use your intuition. You will feel a positive connection with the right teacher for you.


What things do I need to bring for my personalized yoga classes?

Yoga Mat

Yoga Blanket

Blocks and Strap

Bolster (Optional)

You can wear comfortable flexible clothing such as tights, sweat pants, or gym shorts and a tank top or t-shirt.


Do you offer promotions or discounts?

For people who are serious about committing to a regular yoga practice, we offer a complementary intro session so that you can try it out and we can decide if we are a good fit to work together.

For committed students who want to buy four 10-Class Yoga Packages up front, we offer a 20% discount.


I am a low-income BIPOC.  Do you offer sliding scale pricing for me?

Yes!  We recognize the vast racial disparity in the yoga industry.  We believe that systemic racism creates unequal opportunities for BIPOC and we want to do our part to make health, wellness, and yoga accessible to all people, regardless of the color of their skin.

We allocate a specific number of sliding scale time slots each week to BIPOC in need who can demonstrate a strong commitment to learning.


I just want to take one private yoga class.  Can I do that?

East Bay Private Yoga offers private yoga classes to individuals who are committed to practicing yoga 1-3 times each week.  We do not offer single classes at this time.


I've never practiced yoga before.  Can I take private yoga lessons?

Yes!  Absolutely.  We love working with beginners.


What are your rates?

Our rates are comparable to other professional practices in the Bay Area such as acupuncture, psychotherapy, or physical therapy.  We will share our rates on a phone call.


I don't live in Berkeley or Oakland.  Will you still travel to me?

We primarily serve clients in East Bay communities such as Berkeley, Oakland, Orinda, Lafayette and the surrounding Hills.  However, if scheduling permits, we can accommodate extra travel time with an adjustment in our rates.

We also offer expert virtual private yoga classes via Zoom to clients all over the world!

I want private yoga classes at home with my partner/friend.  Is this possible?

People's body types, specific needs, and energy levels vary greatly, and fluctuate from day to day.  We work with businesses to deliver unique wellness programs that accommodate the needs of all employees in the organization.

For private clients, we prefer to work with individuals one at a time in order to deliver a high quality personalized yoga experience.

However, we will consider working with groups of two on a case-by-case basis and adjust the rates accordingly.